Smoke1Hunit Biography

Trey Dwane Luther, aka Smoke1Hunit

Developing his music on a foundation of authenticity, Trey Dwane Luther, aka Smoke1Hunit, is an internationally recognized Recording and Performing artist who has been accentuating the ever-evolving entertainment industry since the mid 2000s. As the sole creator of Smoke Session Season 1 (2016) and CEO of LifeStyle Financial Group, Smoke1Hunit features an extensive background delivering empowering, soulful compositions that zone beyond just the ears and is entirely ardent about delivering artistic yet strategized content that ultimately leaves his audiences wanting more.

Raised in Arcadia, FL by DJ parents and currently living in Tampa, Smoke1Hunit learned early on the innate value of family, self-progression, and possessing a strong work ethic. Though inadvertently losing his college scholarship in the final year of high school due to legal discourse, Smoke1Hunit still held/illuminated those same core notions upon enrolling in the military instead. Though the initial goal of pursuing the delayed entry program for the US Army was to issue a lighter sentence, it inevitably became the catalyst for Smoke1Hunit to hone back to his musically inclined roots and discover his passion for it. This soon sparked a collaborating effort amongst friends who met in Iraq during OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) with similar music interests – proactively recording music such as the hit single "IT's On You" by DeSizhun, participating in talent shows, and performing in contests across the military bases that collectively ignited the interest in a booking agent who booked them as opening acts for American artists performing in Germany upon their return from combat.

Upon being stationed in Darmstadt Germany for 5 years, spending 2 years in Grafenwöhr Germany, another 2 years at Ft Bragg, NC, and being discharged to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once, Smoke1Hunit was honorably discharged in 2012. This new beginning also inspired Smoke1Hunit to take on a new venture as a solo artist while performing logistical contract work for the military in Kandahar, Afghanistan and later working in Kuwait City, Kuwait for a year, then the US Embassy in Baghdad Iraq for a year. In 2016, Smoke1Hunit met his wife in Dubai and moved back to the United States with a goal to both protect and secure his family. This focus inspired Smoke1Hunit to enroll in financial courses to become more financial literate and eventually launch his own financial services business, LifeStyle Financial Group in 2019.

Despite not being a part of the music realm at that moment, Smoke1Hunit's financial literacy journey is what opened up the door for him to get back to the music and began to accomplish everything else as an artist. To date, Smoke1Hunit released his first full project in 2016 as an independent solo artist titled Smoke Session Season 1, has generated over 500k streams as well as sold over 10k singles, acted in his first short film, shot by Kanvas Media in March of 2022, and released his eBook titled ‘Generational Wealth' in April 2022. Even more, Smoke1Hunit recently inked a deal with SS Music Group with distribution by INgrooves Music Group/ Universal Music Group and has since announced the first official release of his major production, "Took My Soul" featuring Tampa’s own Danté Most which is scheduled for public launch on July 1, 2022.

As a dual professional driven by the 1HunitLifeStyle motto (professionals working together to achieve a common goal), nothing makes Smoke1Hunit happier than delivering captivating compositions that provoke new levels of emotional influence and invested attraction. From military performances to solo releases touching lives across the national and international scales, Smoke1Hunit demonstrates his passion through his ongoing sensational productions that continuously raise the industry standards bar. This, in conjunction with his powerful voice, lyrical excellence, and high-performing ambiance as both a CEO and creator, is what led to Smoke1Hunit's rapid success as a respected artist - making it quite exciting to see just what he will launch next.

Smoke1Hunit is always seeking new inspirations and innovations to not only meet the expectations of his audiences and networking teams but exceed them every time. But when he is not creating or financial coaching, you can often find Smoke1Hunit co-operating HotTati Grows Hair salon in Tampa Florida with his wife and celebrity hairstylist Hot Tati  (featuring their hair care product lines HotTati Hair Care, a mens beard care line, Smoking Beards, with a New Skincare Line dropping fall 2022). As for unwinding, Smoke1Hunit enjoys fishing, playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and above all, spending time with his beautiful/supportive wife and their 1-year-old twin boys, Tristian and Tamir