Smoke1Hunit Biography

Trey Luther, known by his stage name, Smoke1Hunit, is an American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Arcadia Florida. Smoke1Hunit’s mother and father raised him to be creative, competitive, and confident. As President of his company, 1Hunit Entertainment, he has surrounded himself with music executives, writers, and creative personalities from all around the world.

Over the span of his career Smoke1Hunit has done multiple radio interviews gained over 200,000 real YouTube views, 30,000 social media followers, sold his music on almost every digital aggregator, performed on over 30 different stages with well over 200 performances all from 2 mix-tapes. Both his mother and father were DJ’s so at the age of 12 he was exposed to the realm of Hip Hop. Influenced by the styles of artists like 2Pac and Nas, he was already playing around with music structure and lyricism.

After graduating High School Smoke1Hunit joined the US Army with dreams of traveling the world, pursuing an education, and earning enough funds to continue working on his music. He earned his bachelors in Business from the University of Maryland Online while stationed in Germany. He deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) twice all while still working on his music. During his first deployment, he met Marcus “MacDidIt” McCreary and together started the Label 1Hunit Entertainment. During this deployment he also met a singer and the two formed an R&B/HipHop group “DeSizhun”(decision), the group made a heavy imprint in the music industry in Europe. The group opened for big acts such as Trillville, Lil Flip, Cupid, Princess of Crime Mob and many more. They also headlined their own shows around the military bases. DeSizhun shot their first music video “It’s on you” which has over 100,000 views on YouTube and is still increasing daily.

After Germany Smoke1Hunit moved to Fayetteville NC where he worked closely with DJ’s, radio personalities, promoters and club owners and became one of the premier acts in the area. He wanted to learn more about the business behind the music while perfecting his craft. The team moved to Orlando Florida to support MacDidIt at Full Sail University. After earning a Bachelors Degree in Music Business and Masters Degree in Entertainment Business, pursuit for a recording deal became more fervent than ever.

Smoke1Hunit honorably completed his military duties February 2012 to pursue his solo music career. Continuing to write and record music, he closely studies the marketing, publicity, lyrical styles, fashion and overall campaign efforts of artists like Rick Ross, Drake, Fabolous, and Lil Wayne. He remains focused on GOD, family, his team, and staying humble while achieving success.

“I have worked so hard for everything that I have and by the grace of GOD I’m able to constantly see my level of success grow as I continue to do what I love thru all the trials and tribulations this industry throws at me, I consider myself very blessed to be where I am.”-Smoke